Real-world example

Check out this awesome live video clip from the band Head Smashed: Backing tracks, click track, video projection, light and fog played in sync with the [...]

New version 1.3.0: Easier setup

The brand new Rocket Show version 1.3.0 is out now. Connect to the device over the new wireless lan access point and directly start managing your compositions. Setup has never [...]

Can I ssh into my Rocket Show pi?

There are cases, where you may want to SSH into your Raspberry and get root control over your device. The login data is as follows: Username: rocketshow Password: thisrocks After [...]

Programming a light show

How can you program a light show? Basically, you need a MIDI editor. Any editor will do its job, even free ones. But maybe it's easier to choose a software, [...]

Who develops Rocket Show?

Rocket Show is an open source project and everyone is invited to help us. If you feel like there's a feature missing or you encounter a bug, maybe you can [...]