Currently, the ready-to-use version is not available.

You can download and install Rocket Show for free without any limitations. All you need is a Raspberry Pi 4 and a suitable micro SD card. Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you got the following components:
    • Raspberry Pi 4 (using a case is recommended)
    • micro SD card (class 10 is recommended)
    • micro USB power cable (official Raspberry one is recommended)
  2. Download the Rocket Show image with the button below
  3. Flash the SD card with the image (e.g. Win32 Disk Imager for Windows or Etcher for OSX)
  4. Power the device and connect to the automatically opened wireless network “Rocket Show” (or use the LAN port)
  5. Navigate with your browser to http://RocketShow.local (or or, if you’re connected over the wireless of the device and the first address did not work) or the IP assigned by your router. Note that the first startup may take some minutes, before the device is reachable.
  6. Select an audio interface in the settings, save and restart the device.

You can always extend your Rocket Show unit with additional USB devices. Any Linux ALSA compatible sound card will do its job, if you need more output channels or MIDI control. A recommended sound card is the Komplete Audio 6. If you want to use Rocket Show to control your lighting, get a device from the supported list here. We recommend ultraDMX Micro.

Download now for Raspberry Pi 4
Download now for Raspberry Pi 3