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Rocket Show – Audio Edition


Get a Rocket Show device, a brand new ESI Gigaport HD+, an M-Audio MIDISport 2X2 AE USB and 32 GB of space.



This is the most popular Rocket Show version, already used by many live bands all over the world.

Get a Rocket Show device, a brand new ESI Gigaport HD+ and an M-Audio MIDISport 2X2 AE USB. Features include:

  • 8 separate output channels over RCA (cinch)
  • MIDI control (select the next composition, stop the current composition, etc. over MIDI, e.g. a drum pad),
  • MIDI output (control a MIDI device or automate your digital amps, automatically play a MIDI file)
  • High quality audio output (MP3, WAV, etc.). Stereo backing tracks and parallel click tracks are a piece of cake now!
  • Play videos (MP4) in sync over the built-in HDMI port of the Rocket Show device and connect it to your projector or screen.
  • See Features for a full list of features

With 32 GB of space you get plenty of space for your creativity.

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